“Camille kerib tagasi” – režissöör: Noémie Lvovsky – 2012

16. Aprill 2014 / 16. Aprill 2014 - Tallinn

Camille on seitsmeteistkümne aastane, kui ta kohtub Éricuga. Nad armastavad üksteist kirglikult ja neile sünnib tütar… 25 aastat hiljem jätab Éric Camille’ noorema naise pärast maha. 31. detsembri õhtu, Camille leiab end ootamatult taas minevikust. Ta on uuesti seitsmeteistkümne...

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14. Märts 2014 / 14. Märts 2014 - Tll

      IFmapp TICE vise à renforcer la visibilité de l’expertise du réseau culturel français dans le domaine des TICE et à favoriser la mutualisation et l’échange de bonnes pratiques.   Application web lancée par l’Institut français en...

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12. Märts 2014 / 18. September 2014 - Toulouse

This international meeting for innovation focuses on presenting and interconnecting technologies, their functions and needs. 700 exhibitors will welcome 20.000 professional visitors. More than 100 conferences will be proposed.At the end of the event a prize will be awarded to the company with the...

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Forum de Chaillot – Avenir de la Culture, avenir de l’Europe

4. Aprill 2014 / 5. Aprill 2014 - Paris

European Ministers of Culture and leaders of many european cultural organizations gather in Paris to discuss about cultural challenges, in the field of art, policies and economy, in order to establish a european common strategy. Presentation of the forum : Programme of the forum...

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« Polytech Excellence » Scholarships 2014

28. Veebruar 2014 / 16. Juuni 2014 - Paris

For international French-speaking students wishing to pursue their Master’s degree in engineering – Diplôme d’ingénieur. Equivalent to M.Sc. in one of the schools of Polytech network. The students could then study in: Water engineering and environmental sciencesElectronics...

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Consolidator Grants

25. Veebruar 2014 / 16. Detsember 2015 - Tallinn

Europe currently offers insufficient opportunities for young investigators to develop independent careers and make the transition from working under a supervisor to being independent researchers in their own right. This structural problem leads to a dramatic waste of research talent in Europe. It...

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