Partnership between SiidilaboR and the French Institute of Estonia

You’ll find SiidilaboR at Olevimägi 6, in Tallinn Old Town; the same spot where it has been for the last 11 years.

© Flavia Raddavero

Everything began 40 years ago when Aino Jakobi opened a workshop where she used to make and sell silk pieces. Actually, that’s where the name “SiidilaboR” comes from: it means “silk laboratory”. However, SiidilaboR is no longer a workshop but a shop where all kind of objects are sold (hats, necklaces, ties and gloves among other things) and they’re not anymore all made out of silk. Nonetheless, everything is still handmade at SiidilaboR since it is a slow fashion shop. 

© Flavia Raddavero

The designers working for this brand are French designers and also Estonian designers currently working in France. Actually, the same designers have been creating pieces for SiidilaboR since the 1990s.

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© Cabinet Thierry Vallat
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