MyData, international conference on personal data, Tallinn, August 30

August 30, 2017 / September 1, 2017


The second edition of the international conference “MyData” will take place in Tallinn and Helsinki this year, from the 30th of August to the 1st of September. It is organised by Estonians (Open Knowledge Estonia, University of Tallinn), Finnish (Open Knowledge Finland, University of Aalto), and French (Fing).

For one day in Tallinn (August 30) and 2 days in Helsinki (August 20, September 1), you will have the chance to attend different conferences and workshops on 12 topics related to the concept of self data, the tendency that people (citizens, consumers) have to use their own personal data. The initiative My Data has been created to reconcile economic opportunities and personal freedoms in the data economy. Between 500 and 1000 university lecturers, businessmen, activists and representatives of public institutions are expected to come this year.

             The 12 topics of My Data 2017

Programme and registrations on the official website of the event

France will be part of the event, providing its expertise through different way. Indeed, besides the fact of being co-organiser (the Fing, Internet New Generation Foundation, is a french think tank created in 2000, specialised in digital transformations), and a partner of the conference (Cozy Cloud, a service of personal cloud respectful of private data), France will send many experts to speak and share their opinions and experiences. Here is a list of those who are expected to come. This list is likely to be updated.

  • French participants in Tallinn

Marine Albarede and Manon Molins (Fing) will speak for the opening of the conference on the values carried by MyData, while Laure-Isabelle Ligaudan (Charles & Compagnie) will speak about design and personal data.

  • French participants in Helsinki

Tristan Nitot (Cozy Cloud, ex-Mozilla), Daniel Kaplan (Fing), Nathalie Vernus-Prost (Métropole de Lyon), Benjamin André (Cozy Cloud), Christophe Benavent (Université Paris-Nanterre), Valérie Peugeot (Orange), Xavier Lefevre (Fair&Smart), Fabien Coutant (Enedis), Fabien Venries (Orange)

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