Iris extatis by Daphné

Since the success of her first album, “Émeraude”, Daphné has officially become one of the most talented French stage singer of her generation.

Winner of the 2007 Constantin Price, designed best performer at the 2008 Cristal Globes and heart’s choice of the Charles-Cros Academy, she is adulated by press and critics who see her as the hope of renewal for the French music.

Today, with Culturethèque, we offer you to discover her last album; “Iris Extatis”.

Political with “Ultraviolet”, classic with “L’amour”, deep, honest and yet restraint and delicate with “Supercalifragilis”… Like always, Daphné didn’t harness herself to one tone when she created this album. Her style, free like air, charming like water, comes and goes, following the rhythm of her inspirations and desires.

Thanks to the work of her producer, the amazing Edith Amboina, there is no limit either to her choice of instrument. Listening to her music, you will find yourself hearing the notes of a sitar, a Japanese kobo, a Moroccan laud, a harp, and, for the first time, beats that resemble those of deep house music.

Finally, how explain in writing what is so well sung? By a fact maybe: critics are unanimous, this last album is a success. But if you still fear that the sensitive, fertile and mysterious world of Daphne is too much of a naive dream for you, maybe you should start by listening to her new single “Faite à l’envers”. You will find it, as you have already guessed, on Culturethèque.


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