France unveiled its international strategy for digital affairs and appointed a dedicated Ambassador

On December 15th 2017, Jean-Yves Le Drian, Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, announced the French international strategy for Digital Affairs.

France considers digital innovation and the cyberspace as major stakes of its foreign action. Therefore, a new Ambassador for Digital Affairs has been appointed: David Martinon will represent France in international negotiations and apply the newly-released French strategy for digital, which can be summed up by 3 pillars :

Advocating the values of openness, diversity and trust in the digital sphere

This pillar implies:

  • advocating a broad governance that is faithful to the diversity of actors in the digital sphere (states, private sector, civil societies)
  • supporting an affordable and safe access to Internet as a lever for development policies
  • promoting diversity and multilingualism, including a francophone Internet
  • spreading digital commons (software, content, open data)
  • evaluating the impact of algorithms and encouraging their transparency and fairness
  • fighting the creation and spreading of misinformation (“fake news“)
  • ensuring the full effect of international law in the cyberspace
  • leading a global fight against the use of the Web for purposes of terrorism
  • educating citizens into encryption of communications

Supporting the emergence of a European digital model

The ambition is to make Europe a reference for regulations in the digital sphere. By, for example:

  • proclaiming a right to self-determination and portability regarding the use and communication of personal data
  • supporting the concepts of privacy by design and security by design in the way tech products and services are conceived
  • advocating fair platforms that are transparent and act responsibly
  • protecting intellectual property rights without restraining innovation
  • supporting the European tech ecosystem (supporting industries, education and training, fair taxation rules, funding the innovation, ensuring equal broadband coverage…)
  • promoting European standards in international negotiations (Internet governance, trade agreements…)

Strengthening the security and attractiveness of France at a global level

France commits to develop and spread:

  • an active policy of support to innovation and export
  • public innovation and the opening of public data (open government)
  • the French Tech network, that highlights tech ecosystems throughout the country and in hubs abroad, and attracts the best foreign talents thanks to the French Tech Ticket
  • a strategic thinking for cybersecurity that aims to defend France and its allies

More information on the website of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs

The full document (in French, pdf, 34p):

Télécharger / Lae alla (PDF, Unknown)


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