Videos: High-level French speakers took part in tech conference Latitude 59


May 24, 2018 / May 25, 2018


Latitude 59 is the biggest yearly tech event in Estonia. The 2018 edition, on May 24-25 in Tallinn, will feature several high-level French or France-based speakers. Here are the panels they will take part in, all of which will be streamed live. [This article has been updated with videos of the panels]

thursday, may 24

10:15-11:10 / Opening discussion: Tech, democracy & the future

How does the concentration of power and new media infrastructure into the hands of a few big corporations affect democracy? Who should own data, and how does mass data collection shape social inequality? How should societies and enterprises act so that new, data-driven technologies would enhance democracy, and not curtail it?

French entrepreneur Rand Hindi will be a panelist. This data scientist founded, a voice-only, AI-powered personal assistant that respect the user’s privacy.
Alongside him will be the Belgian data privacy activist Paul-Olivier Dehaye, highly active in France from Switzerland where he now resides (,

11:00-12:10 / Marketing and growth: What did not work in 2017
Success stories are great to hear about, but how often can you replicate those? Three marketing & growth gurus share their experience on what did not go that well this past year, so we could make notes and learn from their mistakes. Presentations will be followed by a short panel on making better-informed marketing decisions and systematically using failures for making improvements.
A presentation will be given by marketing specialist Laurence Bret-Stern, currently Chief Revenue Officer at Pipedrive in London.

11:10-12:15 / AI: How the hype becomes the reality
Artificial Intelligence is currently in a stage where we see sci-fi solutions coming to real world businesses. How does this affect startups, corporations, industries, legislation and how do investors need to act in this environment?
Among the panelists, the Iranian entrepreneur Moojan Asghari co-founded several projects in Paris, like the Women in AI collective, or the network of tech events Startup Sesame.

13:00-:14:00 / Superangel founder stories #1
Rand Hindi is back on stage to discuss privacy by design and AI.


friday, may 25

10:30-11:30 / Superangel founder stories #3

French entrepreneur Thomas Padovani, who founded the online ad startup Adcash, will share the ingredients of his success.

13:45:14:30 / Governments in the digital age

We are living in the unprecedented era of change with multiple waves of technology enabling new business models and reshaping our economies and societies. But how is technology disrupting governments and nation-states? And more importantly how should disruption be governed?

MP Eric Bothorel, specialist within the digital economy and cyber security task forces of the National Assembly, will discuss French public policies for digital affairs and views of the ruling party regarding the future of governments.


14:30-15:30 / Superangel founder stories #4

Entrepreneur and former roller skate world champion Taïg Khris will present his half-French, half-Estonian adventure with the telecoms startup Onoff he founded.

14:40-15:45 / Future of cyber security

Cybersecurity has seeped into our everyday lives so inconspicuously that we often fail to notice how it is gradually shaping our habits – and threatening our identity, election results and user experience online. Cyber topics are finally getting the attention they deserve – now that we’re all caught up, what will the future of cybersecurity hold for us?

Cybersecurity specialist Guy-Philippe Goldstein, consultant for WikiStrat and author of the cyber crime novel “Babel Minute Zéro”, will take part in this panel organized by Startup Estonia.

Latitude 59’s website / The ful programme

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