French graphic artist Valentin Alizer at Kultuurikatel

The 17th Tallinn Print Triennial will take place in the spring and summer of 2018 in KUMU Art Museum and EKKM, the Estonian Contemporary Art Museum. In this context, French graphic artist Valentin Alizer will take part in the youth exhibition "Spheres" at Kultuurikatel.

Within the framework of the Tallinn Print Triennial, French graphic artist Valentin Alizer, born in 1992, will show a new interactive video installation in the youth exhibition “Spheres” at Kultuurikatel, from May 31st to July 22nd.
Entitled A Saturday Night, il s’agit d’une série de cartes à jouer, contant graphiquement les événements fictifs d’une soirée arrosée organisée par un jeune homme dont les parents ont quitté le manoir familial le temps d’un week-end. Librement inspiré de l’ambiance des teen movies et sex comedy américains, dont elle reprend les codes, cette histoire s’entame par l’arrivée de trois amis à l’entrée du manoir et se poursuit par la rencontre de nos protagonistes avec des personnages plus ou moins stéréotypés. Selon les choix opérés par ces personnages, les événements s’altèrent, offrant alors diverses issues à nos trois héros.
Les cartes seront présentées sur une table, face au plan d’un immense manoir (lui aussi fictif) étrangement construit comme un couloir.
Lieu : Kultuurikatel
Date : du 31 mai au 22 juillet 2018
Vernissage : le 31 mai à 18h00

Governed by the notion of tradition, this 17th edition addresses both the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia and the 50 years of the Tallinn Print Triennial.

Exhibition “Puzzling Over the Labyrinth. 50 Years of the Tallinn Print Triennial” at KUMU Art Museum from 20/04 to 26/08.→ More information

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, the Tallinn Print Triennial will open in KUMU with an exhibition dedicated to the history of the oldest Estonian triennial. Created in July 1968, it became known throughout the USSR despite the ideological, economic and art policy context of the Soviet Union. After Estonia regained its independence, the Triennial became a modern and internationally open exhibition.

This exhibition, accompanied by a richly illustrated book in Estonian and English, will explore the five-decade-long history of the Tallinn Print Triennial by analysing its role in the art processes and cultural history of Estonia and the Baltic states.

Curators: Eha Komissarov, Elnara Taidre
Exhibition design: Raul Kalvo, Helen Oja
Graphic design: Laura Pappa, Elisabeth Klement

Exhibition “Cloudbusters: Intensity vs. Intention” at the Estonian Contemporary Art Museum EKKM from 02/06 to 16/07.→ More information

This main exhibition of the 17th Tallinn Print Triennial, curated by Margit Säde, examines the invisible connections and interactions between the human psyche and technology, drawing on the metaphor of both natural and data processing clouds. Considering the dearth of ambivalence in contemporary society, the exhibition focuses on various personal universes, which provide different alternatives for “a transformative digital society”, that is life in the “cloud”.

This exhibition will feature works by 22 participating artists by combining fanatical ideas and somnambulist visions with meticulously planned tactics, while both approaches are joined by a search for a more caring and humane society.

Curator: Margit Säde Lehni
Graphic design: Elisabeth Klement, Laura Pappa

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