August 13, 2018 / August 17, 2018

Kuninga 4

A European law specialist, Rodolphe Laffranque, unravels for you the mysteries of French legal vocabulary.

This course title is : “Legal French through EU law”. The final aim of this European law workshop is to teach you French legal vocabulary through the learning of basic EU law-related subjects. The course will take place in Tallinn, 13 to 17 August, E-R from 9:00 to 11:30. 

Each lesson will be twofold:
– Theory : an introduction in basic terms, to one particular EU law-related subject
– Exercises : this second part of the lesson is about testing your knowledge and vocabulary related to the studied subject.

Course content 
It will cover the following subjects :

  • Introduction
  • Lesson 1. European Union : towards a federal system ?
  • Lesson 2. EU’s main institutions (european parliament, European Council, Council of the EU, European Commission, 1.5 hrs) and the EU’s decision-making process (law-making, budget process, 1.5hrs)
  • Lesson 3. The EU’s legal system and its connections with that of member states (1.5hrs)
  • Lesson 4. Protection of fundamental rights in the EU : legal basis/system and how citizens can defend their rights (1.5hrs)
  • Lesson 5. The EU’s internal market (EU Single market) : the free movement’s principles and competition law (1.5hrs)
  • Lesson 6. The EU domestic and foreign policies : examples (1.5hrs)

A good level of French is required : B2-C1.

Limited number of seats. 
Fees : 96 €
Register online through our extranet:


To know more do not hesitate to contact us : 627 1196  or


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