Chocolala’s new Chocolate museum in Tallinn !

Chocolala - the estonian handmade chocolate shop where you can have discounts with the IF Pass - just opened a Chocolate Museum in its Old Town store!

Do you have a sweet tooth ? Then why don’t you go to the Chocolate Museum that opened on the 2nd of June of this year in Tallinn Old Town ?

Do you know you can get -10% with your IF Pass at handmade chocolate shop Chocolala ? Well, now you can also have a quick review of chocolate history in Estonia since 1806 thanks to the Chocolate museum that Chocolala has just opened. For instance, you’ll find explanations about the greatest chocolate masters of Estonia before World War II, wrappings of that period and a lot more at Chocolala’s newly opened museum.

It is also the place where you’ll have the opportunity to discover how handmade chocolate is made and you’ll even have the chance to experience it by yourself thanks to their workshops.

Chocolala is only 3 years old but it has already won several prestigious prices in that field, which led it to become a worldwide known chocolate factory. As a matter of fact, FODOR magazine listed it in the top 5 best chocolate factories of the world. What are you waiting for to enter this chocolate universe ?

Don’t forget to show your IF Pass if you buy something at Chocolala : that’s how you’ll get a -10% discount on their products.




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