Le Bourget, Paris

30. Ноябрь 2015 / 11. Дек 2015


The COP21 in Paris from November 30th, to December 11th is also an opportunity for Campus France to show the diversity and excellence of French training offers in climate science and agriculture. On this occasion, Campus France is holding a stand in the Bourget during the whole conference. You won’t have the chance to be in Paris during the COP? Do not worry, we gathered all the relevant information for you here!

About 50 French institutions, particularly universities under supervision of the Ministry in charge of Higher Education and Research, Schools of Engineering and Schools of Agriculture and Agronomy under supervision of the Ministry in charge of Agriculture grasp this unique opportunity to present the higher training offer of climatology and in related fields such as Agriculture, Food Industry, Environment, Energy or Water and Forests. Training and internship offers in French or in English at all levels, from initial training, Bachelor and Master up to PhD level in research and post-docs will be visible on the COP21 fair.

List of participating insitutions

List of programmes and training offers

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​Летние курсы во Франции!

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Есть ли у вас планы на лето? Почему бы вам не поехать во Францию на летние курсы, чтобы изучать французский язык? Тем более, что возможно устроить себе интересные...

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Жизнь главного героя была легка и беззаботна ровно до тех пор, пока одна из его бывших не подкинула ему грудного ребёнка. Решив, что такая проблема ему не нужна,...

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