Workshop: Discover France!

French Institute of Estonia

September 20, 2017 / November 8, 2017

Kuninga 4


You are now able to understand and speak French but you have a passion for french culture? This workshop is for you!

Participate in an interactive course where you will have the chance to share your different experiences and knowledge about France with a French teacher. You will also discover and learn about the regions of France: their culture, traditions and local specialties. But that’s not all ! French History being one of the richest and most complex of the occidental world, it is high time for you to get acquainted with it thanks to our workshop. The teachers of the French Institute will be happy to help you to discover step by step the history of this beautiful country and you will soon be able to excel in high society !

This workshop is intended for people with an A2-B1-B2 level in French. It will start on the 20th of September and will end on the 8th of November. It takes place once a week and each lesson lasts for one hour and a half. So hurry-up and register now!

We are waiting for you !

Price: 96 euros
From the 20th of September to the 8th of November

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