Higher education in France is the perfect combination of world-renowned excellence and a large variety of topics at a very low cost: 184€ for an undergraduate degree in a public university, 256€ for a Master's degree and 391€ for a PhD (cost of a degree during the academic term of 2016-2017). When it comes to welcoming foreign students, France arrives in third position. Courses can be taken in French, and the quantity of topics that can be taken in English too is rapidly increasing. 

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Looking for continuing education in mining engineering?

May 9 2016 / Sep 1 2016 - Fontainebleau

You are an engineer seeking efficient continuing education programs to manage a rising career in the mining industry?Why not try one of the 3 programs set up by MINES ParisTech Géosciences & Geoengineering research department?- "MS®" CESECO Technical and economic analysis of mining...

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Where are you with your registrations ?

Sep 1 2015 / Sep 9 2016 - Paris

Have you registered to "Admission Post-Bac" in France ? Do not forget the deadline to modify your wishes is May 31 ! Answers to your application will be available on June 8 but do not rush ! Any positive answer to an admission proposal is definitive and leads to cancellation of other applications....

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Don’t miss ENA’s short courses for foreigners !

Feb 16 2016 / Mar 31 2016 - Paris

For over sixty years, the Ecole Nationale d’Administration (ENA) has included students from all continents, recruited with the assistance of French embassies. Over 3,300 students from abroad have received training at this prestigious school.In 2016, ENA offers 34 short specialized international...

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Master CoPeCo : France and Estonia partners in art

Jan 15 2016 / Jan 31 2016 - Tallinn

CoPeCo is a two-year master’s degree in contemporary performing and composing.Four European countries cooperate through this program : Estonia, France, Sweden and Germany.It is aimed at passionate musicians, seeking to develop an ambitious personal project, inside a stimulating studying...

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Study journalism in France ?

Jan 15 2016 / Jan 22 2016 - Tallinn

2016 admission exams to study at the Ecole Supérieure de Journalisme de Lille are open to foreign applicants. ESJ is one of the first of it’s kind in France.Online registrations are open until January 22.Requirements :Foreign citizenship (no holder of a French passport admitted)Proficiency in...

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Study at the prestigious ENS !

Jan 15 2016 / Feb 1 2016 - Tallinn

The École Normale Supérieure (ENS) is an elite higher education institution (graduate school) for advanced undergraduate and graduate studies, and a prestigious French research center among the best in the world.Several entry routes allow foreign students to study at the ENS for several months...

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Nov 30 2015 / Dec 11 2015 - Paris

The COP21 in Paris from November 30th, to December 11th is also an opportunity for Campus France to show the diversity and excellence of French training offers in climate science and agriculture. On this occasion, Campus France is holding a stand in the Bourget during the whole conference. You...

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