The French singer Pomme is back at the Acoussion festival in Estonia

Helios cinema

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Pomme is back in Estonia! She will be at the Accousion Winter Live festival on the 9th of February at the Helios cinema.

The Accoussion Live music festival is back, bringing you notes of warmth this winter, starting on February 9th. This time, the festival is set up in the historical centre of Tallinn in the Helios cinema building. The blending of the elaborate decorations and video projections bring a very specific ambience to the event.

The festival will feature performances by various artists from Estonia and from elsewhere, such as French folk singer Pomme, who took part in the summer edition of the Acoussion festival in 2017.

Pomme, whose real name is Claire Pommet, distinguishes herself with her mature voice that covers various genres, her poetic lyrics, and as a talented musician.

Come to hear and see Pomme, Siiri Sisask, The Boondocks, Elias Kahila (FI), DJ Girti Suun & DJ Liisi Voolaid on the 9th of February at 7pm onwards.
Tickets here : price 16-23 euros

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