The French Language Family Day on March 10

Teachers' House

March 10, 2018 / March 10, 2018

Raekoja Plats 14


During the Month of the Francophonie in March, the French Institute and its partners are once more organizing a day dedicated to the French language. It's a day full of fun meetings, where all of the senses will be challenged with fun and age limit free activities.

The French Family Day will take place at the Tallinn Teachers' House (Tallinna Õpetajate maja, Raekoja Plats 14) on Saturday March 10 from 12:00 to 16:00.
During this eventful afternoon, you will have the opportunity participate in many fun activities, including a language café and listening to a short French language and multilingualism themed conference. Take a moment to broaden your horizons in good company !

To begin this joyful day, we invite you to attend a play staged by students of the Tallinn European School , followed by a French songs recital by students of the Gustav Adolf Grammar School.

You are invited to sing karaoke, play bingo, challenge your writing skills taking part of a dictée, to tease your tastebuds, solve a puzzle, play a memory game and write poetry. African rhythms and a range of surprises await! Spend a special day with your family in the spirit of Francophonie and with guaranteed good mood!

The event is without registration and free for all.

For more information consult our general post about the events of the Month of the Francophonie

The French Family Day's entertainment program is organised with the help of :



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