“N+i” short programmes in engineering sciences in France


Nov 2 2015 / Jun 18 2016



Rendez-vous “n+i” programmes are dedicated to sudents and professors in all field of engineering sciences but also to people of influence and contractors wishing to discover the French language and culture as part of a programme entirely based on a scientific and technological approach.

The programme’s objective is to offer to students an outstanding opportunity of a 14-day full immersion in the French cultural, linguistic and scientific environment.

3 thematic programmes are offered in 2016:

  • Montpellier (from June 5th to June 18th 2016): Sustainable development in urbanized territory
  • Brest (from June 5th to June 18th 2016): The management of the Ocean: trends and challenges
  • La Réunion Island (from February 28th to march 13th 2016): Sustainable development in isolated territory

Who is eligible?

  • Students, professors, contractors and people of influence in the field of engineering sciences or technologies;
  • From 18 years old;
  • With a good level in English.

More information and registration here.

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