New courses in autumn!

Prantsuse Instituut Eestis

Aug 4 2014 / Sep 13 2014

Kuninga 4


We are glad to inform all our present and future students that the registration to our autumn courses is open! 

Below You will find all the different course types and a short description. 


Are You a complete beginner or wish to continue studying French on an advanced level? The language center of the French Institute of Estonia is the only language school offering courses on 11 different levels. 
Enrollment until 27th August 2014.
Online placement test (for new students having already studied French) is available until 22nd August.



This autumn we offer courses to complete beginners as well as to those who have already advanced in their studies. Courses are destined to two main age groupes: 7-10year-olds, 11-14year-olds.
Enrollment until 3rd September 2014.



You can start or continue with Your own personal study program from the beginning of September. 
Enrollment at least three days before You wish the lessons to start:



You wish to study French where ever and when ever? Distance studies in the form on e-learning could be the best solution for You! Courses can start from the beginning of September.
Enrollment at least three days before You wish the lessons to start:



Beginning from this autumn, the French Institute of Estonia will offer the possibility to take part in intensive courses at a language school Méditerranez-vous in Montpellier. Groups are small and in addition to classroom-held lessons You will have a variety of cultural activities to choose from. Further information will be available soon but You can already contact our language center for more information:

(+372) 627 1196

 Au plaisir de vous voir à l'Institut français d'Estonie !

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Culturethèque – French Musics

This week you can listen to our selection of albums by french artists:     SILENCE - UNNO (Electro) 1. Sirens 3. Mighty Venus 4. Lions         PLAYING IN THE DARK - ADRIEN CHICOT (Jazz) 1. Late 2. Fourth Floor 3. Under the Tree 4. Blue Wall 5. Key for Two 6....

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Culturethèque – Viviane Hamy Publishing

The publisher Viviane Hamy is specialised in the publication of novalty. Here are some books you can read on Culturethèque :   ARAB JAZZ (KARIN MISKÉ) À Paris, dans le 19e, un arrondissement cosmopolite où se côtoient magasins de sushi kasher et coiffeurs arabes, Ahmed Taroudant est un...

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Estophilus scholarship

Mar 27 2017 / Oct 1 2017

Twice a year, the Archimedes foundation grants scholarships to foreign nationals master students, PhD students and post-doctorate researchers studying Estonian language or culture, and wishing to pursue their research in Estonia. This scholarship programme, called Estophilus, is founded by the...

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Student mobility

The band Rhizottome to open the Month of Francophonie

Mar 3 2017 / Feb 7 2017

Amateurs of neo-traditional jazz, save the date! The French band Rhizottome opens our Month of Francophonie with 3 concerts in Tallinn, Tartu and Viljandi: Friday, March 3 at 7pm at the jazzclub Philly Joes in Tallinn. hurry up if you'd like to get your tickets! Saturday, March 4 at 7pm in...

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Tallinn Noir: artist Nicolas Boone in town to teach!

Feb 17 2017

Nicolas Boone  ( has a  predilection for neglected urban environments that are often loaded with stereotypes which he seeks to undermine. This time he is going to focus on Tallinn, or should I say he is going to MAKE students focus on Tallinn. Indeed, the Estonian...

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Christmas time movie: Two is a family

Dec 23 2016

Samuel does not know the meaning of responsibility and attachment. The young man lives a care-free life by the sea in the south of France, enjoys socializing and does not find his job too demanding. And then some day one of Samuel's former conquests leaves him with her baby girl saying it is his...

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You are just starting to understand French but still dread to speak it ? Not to worry, nothing but normal ! This workshop will help you : develop your speaking and listening skills communicate in simple terms about various french-related topics expand your French vocabulary in...

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Enjoy debating ? Interested in current news and in French language ? Then this workshop is just the right one for you ! Learning objectives : improve your speaking skills through discussing ideas and exchanging various points of view introduce clearly and concisely a specific piece...

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