Month of the Francophonie screening: “The Miracle of Tekir” on March, 20

Sõprus Cinema

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The Month of The Francophonie will continue with the Romanian pearl "The Miracle de Tekir " by Ruxandra Zenide. The Embassy of Romania invites you to a unique and free screening on March, 20 at 17.30 in Sõprus Cinema!

Young Mara lives in a village by a Danube river delta flowing towards the Black Sea, mysteriously becomes pregnant. Since she lives in solitude, the locals start speculating that she has healing powers. These singularities make the local fishermen angry, since they believe her witchcraft takes away their fish. Chased from the village, she finds a job in the “Europe” spa-hotel, where reproductively challenged women come to get treatments with the holy mud from the Danube. There, mara meets Lily, an excentric and easy-going cosmopolitan woman desiring a child. Mara's so-called "immaculate conception" fascinates Lili, who then thinks she has found an answer to her prayers.

With a second poetic full-length film, Greek-born Swiss Director Ruxandra Zenide takes us in an often mystified place where East meets West and where superstition, tradition and modern age mix.


Original Title: Miracolul din Tekir 
Year: 2015
Country of Origin: Romania, Switzerland
By: Ruxandra Zenide
Starring:  Dorotheea Petre, Elina Löwensohn, Bogdan Dumitrache
Length: 1h30'
language: Romanian
Subtitles: French, English

March, 20, 2018 at 17.30
At Sõprus Cinema


NB! Limited seats



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