The french albums to listen this summer

Camille - Ouï
A little bit less crazy than her previous album (Ilo Veyou, released in 2011), but still very delightful, Ouï marks a successful return of the talented Camille. The french artist whose musical style is indefinable and completely unique, gives us 11 rhythmic songs, imbued with mystery and sounds of her own creation. Song after song, classical singings and rhythmic backing vocals are echoing in a surprising harmony. The lyrics of the songs are also very catchy. Indeed, the singer-songwriter likes to play with words for the simple pleasure of the sensation it procures to pronounce them. Electronic sounds, percussions and folk dances are ingeniously integrated to accompany her incomparable voice, for a captivating and hypnotic result. Once more, it is a great album of experimentations which invites us to “open ourselves and to listen”. So your answer should be “ouï”, with no hesitation.


Julien Doré - &
If you are used to sail on the french radio waves, it is impossible that you haven’t heard “Coco Câline” or “Le lac”, two hit songs of the latest album of the artist Julien Doré. In any case, on the beach this summer, you won’t escape it. So don’t resist to the sensual voice of the french singer, his eyes like coals and his indomitable mane. Julien Doré is a complete artist, discovered in 2007 thanks to the french TV show “La Nouvelle Star”. He is now one of the most important faces of the french music scene. This new album, simply entitled “&”, has the ambition to make us dance and dream thanks to an unchanged recipe: melancholy, poetry and a touch of frivolity… and it works! The cherry on the cake: his video clips are visually beautiful and sometimes very funny, just like the crooner himself.


Phoenix - Ti amo
It is one of the most famous french group on the international stage and they just released their 6th album, which is as colorful and experimental as the previous ones. They started their career 20 years ago and they are still as audacious as in their beginnings. This summer, the 4 boys of Phoenix are inviting us to spend sunny holidays in Italy and to enjoy the Dolce Vita. Indeed, this album has the ambition to be a ray of happiness among the continuous flow of bad news covering the newspapers all over the world. Despite the predominance of texts written in english (signature of the group since its creation), you will also hear a bit of italian, spanish and even french. It seems insignificant but it is quite rare for the group to sing in french. With their own style, skillfully studied to cover the tracks, Phoenix is unclassified but their talent is undeniable. One should not forget that Phoenix was the first french band to perform in front of a crowded Madison Square Garden in New York… so you don’t have any excuse, you need this album which will make you dance all night long.


-M- Lamomali
Matthieu Chedid loves Mali and he sings it well. His latest album, Lamomali, is presented as his malian album, a project that he has have in mind for a long time. For the occasion, the french artist chose to collaborate with Toumani and Sidiki Diabaté, well known kora players (an instrument halfway between a harp and a lute), but also with the singer Fatoumata Diawara (discovered in the film Timbuktu of Abderrahmane Sissako), as well as plenty of other artists who all were very enthusiastic in participating to this special project. As a consequence, you will have the chance to hear songs with Oxmo Puccino, Jain, Amadou et Mariam, Nekfeu, Santigold… The result is a mix of different styles for an innovative afro-pop which will bring a bit of freshness on our radio waves. In the end, it is a collection of sunny songs to put in your playlist this summer with no hesitation. An authentic explosion of audacious music.


Juliette Armanet - Petite Amie
Three years ago, we discovered her with her song “L’amour en solitaire”. Today, and after a long time spent in studio, she unveils her first album entitled “Petite Amie”. Rising star of the french music scene, her bewitching voice and her piano are dominating this album, which will make you cry, laugh, smile, dream and dance. Described as “chic french pop music” by the magazine “Les Inrocks”, the style of the young french woman will go straight to your heart. She is often compared to Véronique Sanson or William Sheller, but it is her simplicity, her sensitivity and her sincerity that we will remember above all. She is promised to a great career in the heart of this new wave of feminine french talents, among which Fischbach, for who Juliette Armanet wrote the song “Un autre que moi”. Her gift for writing breaks hearts and we are already waiting for her next album.

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