Culturethèque – A little of blues

Here a selection of blues discs that you can find in Culturethèque:



1. Bo Weavil
2. Boogie Tale
3. Fate of a Gambler
4. Old Tape of Memories
5. The Dust I Own
6. On the Wood
7. What Once Was Dead
8. Can't Wake Myself Up
9. Pay Day






1. New Music
2. Rusty 44
3. Disbeliever
4. Sweet Songs for the Dying
5. Angel in the Storm
6. Something Strange
7. Fine Blues
8. Further on up the Road
9. Money to Be Made
10. There Is No Reason
11. Inside
12. The Surest Way to Die
13. If Trouble Was Money
14. Star
15. Fly Away



1. One Night In Berlin
2. I'm In Vegas Tonight
3. This Is The End
4. Tears Of Blue
5. Like You Do
6. Blue Heart
7. Up & Down
8. Early Morning Blues
9. Stranger In My Mirror
10. People Asking
11. Waiting For The Fire
12. Good Morning, Angels 



1. Mr. Magic
2. I Don't Want to Be a Lone Ranger
3. Stormy Monday
4. Superman Lover
5. Gangsters of Love
6. Ain't That a Bitch
7. Cuttin' in
8. I Need It
9. Signature Tune

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