Courses calendar

You will find our academic calendar for Tallinn and Tartu herebelow.

We also offer individual lessons. Lessons and schedules are tailor-made, to meet your needs better.

We are always open to the new ideas. Call or email us if you have another idea of how your ideal course should look like.  

You already speak French ? Simply take our test level to help us find the best group level for you.


DatesCoursesTo whomDurationPriceMore info
January 2017
09.01.2017 -26.04.2017Total beginner A1.2Adults45h280 €More info
09.01.2017 - 26.04.2017Advanced beginner A2.2Adults45h280 €More info
09.01.2017 - 26.04.2017Advanced beginner A2.1Adults45h280 €More info
09.01.2017 - 26.04.2017Medium level B1.2Adults45h280 €More info
09.01.2017 - 26.04.2017Communicative level B2.3Adults45h280 €More info
09.01.2017 - 26.04.2017Advanced level C1.1Adults45h280 €More info
09.01.2017 - 26.04.2017Total beginner A1.1Adults45h280 €More info
10.01.2017 - 27.04.2017Advanced level C1.3Adults45h280 €More info
10.01.2017 - 27.04.2017Total beginner A1.2Adults45h280 €More info
12.01.2017 - 02.03.2017Workshop"Journal télévisé".Adults12 h96 €More info
10.01.2017 - 27.04.2017Total beginner A1.1Adults45h280 €More info
13.01.2017 - 07.04.2017Workshop. Medium level3-6 years12 h96 €More info
13.01.2017 - 03.03.2017Workshop. Communication B1-B2Adults12 h96 €More info
14.01.2017 - 29.04.2017Medium level B1.3Adults45h280 €More info
13.01.2017 - 17.02.2017Preparation to DELF B1/B2 examAdults12 h96 €More info
14.01.2017 -29.04.2017Total beginner A1.2Adults45h280 €More info
14.01.2017 - 29.04.2017Medium level B1.1Adults45h280 €More info
14.01.2017 - 29.04.2017Advanced communicative level B2.1Adults45h280 €More info
14.01.2017 - 29.04.2017Total beginner A1.1Adults45h280 €More info
17.01.2017 - 04.05.2017Advanced beginner A1.2Adults45h280 €More info
17.01.2017 - 13.04.2017Total beginner 7-10 years26h154 €More info
19.01.2017 - 09.03.2017Workshop. conversation A2 - B1-B2Adults12 h96 €More info
24.01.2017 - 27.04.2017Tase Elementaartase A2.112-14 years26h154 €More info
19.01.2017 - 09.03.2017Workshop. Grammar and phoneticsAdults12 h96 €More info
25.01.2017 - 01.05.2017Total beginner A1.112-14 years26 h154 €More info
04.04.2017- 27.04.2017Workshop. "Juridic French"Adults in Tartu12 h96 €More info
February 2017
01.02.2017 - 15.05.2017Total beginner A1.1 in TartuAdults in Tartu45h280 €More info
07.02.2017 - 18.05.2017Advanced communicative level B2.2Adults45h280 €More info
04.02.2017 - 03.06.2017Communicative level A29-11 years25h30154 €More info
10.01.2017 - 28.02.2017C2 short coursAdults12 h96 €More info
10.02.2017 - 28.04.2017Workshop in Tartu. Beginner8-12 years12 h96 €More info
10.02.2017 - 28.04.2017Workshop in Tartu. Medium level8-12 years12 h96 €More info
04.02.2017 - 27.05.2017Advanced level7-10 years25h30154 €More info
25.02.2017 -17.06.2017Total beginner 7-10 years25h30154 €More info
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