French Language Café : 15 June

French Institute

Jan 10 2016 / Jun 15 2016

Kuninga 4


Last session was so successful that we decided to do it again.

To those who were not with us last time, here is what it's all about :

You have notions of French but whom to speak French to in Tallinn ?
Join our "Café français" sessions.

Save the date :
15 June, 6pm, at the French Institute (Kuninga 4).

The idea is just to have a nice conversation in French, in a friendly atmosphere, around a snack.
Participants are split into 3 group levels (beginners, intermediate, advanced).

A native speaker will lead the conversation around a specific topic : last time was about food. 
This time will be about...? Well we don't know yet !

To make things easier, you can always prepare a few words beforehand or ask and borrow a dictionary on the day.

Just turn up (no pre-registration)
And it's free!

At last, a good opportunity to speak French!

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