Free online course for A1 level


April 4, 2016 / April 4, 2016


Do you have a French A1 level ? Do you want to get to A2 ? We offer you to follow a "cours de français langue étrangère A2" MOOC from May 9th to June 27th 2016.

What is a MOOC ? A MOOC ( Massive Open Online Course) is an online course aimed at distance education which you can follow online and open to anybody interested. The students and the pedagogic team are able to communicate while learning in different places thanks to the Internet. This allows the participants to interact and exchange while learning.

Elaborated by a various pedagogic team, the course revolves around everyday situations such as presenting a cultural event or talking about a sport. In addition to expanding your vocabulary, the MOOC allows you to work on conversational skills through universal and often approached themes. It constitutes an interesting and non-negligible addition to the Institute's courses.

No need to move since you can follow the course from home 2 hours per week, on your computer, free of any charge. Registration open until May 12th on the FUN-MOOC website. 


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