Swiss and Luxembourgish films screened at the French Institute

French Institute

March 17, 2016 / March 18, 2016

Kuninga 4


As part of the festival of Francophonie, we invite you to discover two swiss films and one Luxembourgish film at the French Institute in Estonia.
Save the dates ! 17 and 18 March.
Free admission to everyone!

17 March, 6pm : From the kitchen to the parliament (CH 2012)
A documentary directed by Stéphane Goël, 66 min

A brief history of women in politics in 20th-century Switzerland, one of the last countries in the world to give women the right to vote and to be elected. The film offers a walk through a century of Swiss history, in the footsteps of those who fought to get out of their kitchens – and those who would stop at nothing to send them back – until they received equal rights, the reality of which still seems tenuous.


18 March, 2pm : Bouboule (CH 2014)

Le 18 mars à 14h00 : Bouboule (Suisse 2014)
A Youth film directed by Bruno Deville, 1h 24min

Weighing 100 kilos, 12 year old Kevin Bouboule’s life is far from easy. Since his father died, his existence has been plagued by his domineering mother and arrogant sisters, doctor visits and aqua gym classes. The other kids in the neighborhood bully him at every opportunity. Kevin wishes for nothing more than to finally be a man – and to embrace a girl. But these are just distant fantasies. Kevin finds comfort in crisps and crème brulée and drifts along in a colorful dream world full of lightness and joy. However, the state of his health is questionable, and if he doesn’t make an effort to change his lifestyle soon, his heart will fail. Kevin’s outlook is pretty bleak. Until, that is, he comes across Rocco, a German shepherd belonging to the burly guard Patrick, and befriends both the dog and its owner.


Le 18 mars à 17h00 : Maddened by his absence (Luxembourg 2012)
Directed by Sandrine Bonnaire

After ten years, Jacques comes back to France to handle his father’s succession. He had left France to live in the USA to escape a painful past he shared with Mado, his former wife, who in the meantime, built a new life with Stéphane and their 7 year old son, Paul. Upon his return, Jacques and Mado meet again; he asks to meet her son Paul; Mado hesitates, then accepts but hides it from her husband. Soon, Paul and Jacques get close and they start to see each other secretly.


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